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this is a hypothetical online newspaper that aims to raise awareness on the importance of having a free press.

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You Don't have to imagine it because you're living it

This newspaper doesn’t represent a certain political party, doesn’t talk about a specific journalist nor is it tied to any country. The goal here is to completely raise awareness of the importance of having a free press.

Journalism Is Dangerous, And In Danger

By Dina Khalil
Updated 11:59 a.m. ET

Many journalists face frustrations when they write about “Governmental Taboos.”

Governmental Taboos

/ˌɡəvər(n)ˈmen(t)əl/ /təˈbo͞o,taˈbo͞o/

is a made-up term that refers to the matters that are being hidden from us (the public) by

The lack of a free press is a sign of corruption and this is why the government is not being held accountable for its action. They can get away with decisions that would harm us, the public, in the future. When there is a free press then, citizens can have a voice, form an informed opinion, make choices based on information. Those choices can make a difference in shaping a trustworthy, reliable, competent, non-corrupt, non-discriminatory
With a free press, reporting facts wouldn’t be
. And this would help us choose and vote for proper candidates rather than the publicly beautified politicians we vote for and regret later. Lack of information might mislead us to vote for the wrong people.
This is one of the reasons why freedom of the press is important; it could simply prevent catastrophes by adding pressure on governments to do the right thing in some cases. Some
take their authoritarian position for granted and turn their role of “serving the public” into a
between other leaders of different countries. In this scenario, the scoreboard is the news.
In some countries, freedom of the press is legally guaranteed. However, most of these countries fear protests and have other means to silence their citizens and journalists. Silencing can take many forms and shapes. Sometimes it can be subtly implied, other times it can be visibly direct. Journalists often get silenced by being kidnapped, jailed, killed, or if they’re lucky, fired for exposing too much.

a picture of 2 stickmen, one of them an angry police officer holding an article in front of a sad, silenced journalist Freedom of the press is a
that is often not appreciated until it disappears.
Citizens of countries with a free press need to continually work to preserve this right, because freedom of the press can be stripped away overnight by a simple change of the regime or by imposing new laws.
Silencing the press is gradually becoming a global method that governments use to conceal their corruption. Journalists jeopardize their
while doing their jobs. No one should have to jeopardize their life just to do their job.
There’s a pattern of journalists being
of similar crimes in most countries for simply covering the news.
gif of a news reporter being happy at first, but turns sad when camera zooms out and a policeman with a gun appears
For example, when a journalist becomes a
to their government, they often get accused of working for other countries just to sabotage their country’s image. This results in either a death sentence or a one-way ticket away from home.
Some countries don’t acknowledge their mistakes hence their local journalists are obliged to only report the positives.
Are we really supposed to believe that these governments make no mistakes?
Unfortunately, governments see journalists who, when simply reporting what’s happening as well as voicing an opinion as a threat, subversion. They usually accuse them of spreading fake news, being part of a terrorist group, evading taxes, murdering, or just exaggerating at the least. Some countries don’t even make an excuse.

Do American Journalists Have it Better?

Not really.
In America, journalists who are supposedly
by the first amendment, still face
There was an
in journalists being attacked by NYPD during the BLM protests. Even though they were wearing their press passes and simply doing their jobs.
On the other hand, during the
Capitol riot
in Washington, the police barely interfered with journalists while doing their jobs; some violent protestors did! Which makes you wonder; why would the police fight journalists during the BLM protests, but not during the Capitol riot. Are minorities being defamed? 🤔 but that's another story.
A lot of questions arises about why some news doesn't make it to the news.
Is it possible that governments are trying to filter out some news and highlight others? Is there some type of agenda, maybe?

That being said, some non-Americans are grateful for the American press freely publishing other countries’ current events that may be locally censored.

Public Journalism

Technically, everyone who documents their daily life on social media is a journalist and is being targeted by governments too. In some countries, people get jailed for simply advising others, online, to be careful of the spread of the coronavirus. In other countries, the government treats journalists "...worse than drug cartels."

Take Action!

Take action to help live in a world that allows journalists everywhere to practice their profession with integrity and report on what’s going on around us without fear.

Will There Ever Be a Solution?

Hopefully! But as a start; Become aware. Take action. Appreciate the struggle journalists go through for writing a simple article. And always remember that at the end of the day, the world can be a scarier place to some people than others.
picture of a graph showing the business is booming

Business is Booming!

In general,
who are supposedly protected and have more freedom of speech, face the challenge of having an invisible economical constraint. However, these economical constraints might interfere with publishing news about
communities. For example, when a documentary about a journalist who was assassinated by his own government was shown at Sundance, none of the attendees contributed to its distribution due to the fear of losing business with
Saudi Arabia
or any of the GCC countries for that matter. When it comes to freedom of the press, there's no big difference between the East and the West. Some countries silence journalists by discrediting them, others go as far as murdering them to create an example of what would happen if they publish certain news; Same silencing, different techniques.

At the end of the day, The world can be a scarier place to some people than others.

"Fascism thrives in obscurity and darkness." –– DaShanne Stokes

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